Search to continue for missing boy found dead in Mississippi

More than 700 people showed up at a funeral for a six-year-old boy discovered카지노 사이트 dead under a bridge near a Mississippi riverbank.

The boy died Thursday after jumping about 50 feet into water, after authorities said he had not been found.

Cops: Teen drowned in Mississippi river with no parents. Authorities say it was his mother’s pet boa constrictor that was in his crib

Fire crews also discovered debris in the riverbed from the jump.

Police said Saturday that they didn’t believe the death was linked to the fatal boa constrictor that the boy was given as a present just hours earlier.

His mother has told ABC News she thought he was drowning when she heard her son call, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy’ as his body drifted toward the river.

Cops say the boy drowned because he 더킹카지노jumped about 50 feet in the water, after he had no parents present.

‘I’m totally against the boa,’ his mom, Nicole Adams, told reporters in August

Officials said Saturday that the boy’s remains were found Wednesday by a kayaker and recovered from the riverbed a day later.

He was reported missing early Friday.

It is unknown if he lived in the area before he jumped. His mother says she saw him with someone who claimed to be his father at the store in the suburb of Biloxi.

It was reported early Thursday that the death may be linked to the fatal boa cons바카라사이트trictor.

Family: ‘I never got the chance’ to spend Christmas with him. Friends say the boy’s death had nothing to do with the boa but to do with his mother’s pet boa constrictor, named Willie, who was in his room

‘He’s the happiest boy I ever knew,’ said Nicole Adams, 61, on Sunday. ‘I have no idea why this happened, but it just does not make sense.’

No one answered the door at the home where the boy lived in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Mississippi state troopers said a search for Willie at a river bank Sunday morning ended before an Amber Alert was issued.