Giro win shows armstrongs team stronger than ever

Lizelle: ‘The day I was told I was going to lose was probably the worst day in the cycling world’

Cyclingnews reporter Ben Jacobs, who covers the Giro dell’Emilia alongside Mattias Ekstra and Mark Cavendish, believes the team’s move to a new flat race will help the race’s overall image.

“If we’re looking at their performance it’s not hard to see why the Giro wins them so many major titles. It’s not just that they do amazing things, they are a fantastic team, they are not afraid to stand together and prove their ab바카라사이트ilities to the world,” he told Cyclingnews.

“The day I was told I was going to lose was probably the worst day in the cycling world, as it shows that the team have the desire to take responsibility for what they’re doing in their own way, and they are the same kind of team that won the Tour of Poland in 2009, that won the Tour of the German mountains at the start of 2014.

“They’ve got all the elements that make it possible for the team to win big. They are a team that always tries to put the pieces of a team together, and to get the best performance from all of the pieces더킹카지노, no matter how they are distributed.”

The new flat race, starting at Tete Duquesne on September 23, is designed to provide a bigger field for teams to choose from.

The new race, set for four days, is also in fact just two weeks before the Tour de France kicks off on Sunday, June 7.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s very much a step in the right direction,” commented Cavendish. “To me, this is about more of the team building, not just one or two guys getting to do the Tour. We’ve alre우리카지노ady done it at the Tour of Beijing last year, and they knew it was coming.

“We knew it would be an important event at the end of the year, so we’ve made sure we’ve got the legs to do the Tour of Beijing. In the past four years, I haven’t always been on top of things, so to have a team like this at my side is great.

“It’s a really good plan, not only from my perspective, but from the wider racing perspective as well, because it’s been fantastic to see them succeed at this point of the year.

“I still thin