Fracking moratorium opposed in northern territory;

U.S. oil industry calls for ‘rigorous scientific investigation’

In a strongly worded statement issued by the company, the union, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and its allies said hydraulic fracturing, which involves pumping water, sand, chemicals and energy into tight rock formations, has a “very serious environmental impact”.

“The fracking technique has had a negative impact on the area around our Marcellus Shale (map), fracturing the rock and causing water contamination of water supplies, aquifers, streams, wetlands, beaches and estuaries,” said Joe Dinello, president and CEO of the Frack Free North Texas Alliance, which represents 30,000 frackers in the region.apronx

“It’s time we put our collective energy, re바카라사이트sources and financial resources behind the people of our region and e바카라nsure that Marcellus Shale continues to thrive in spite of these serious impacts.”

Oil and gas industry and other supporters of fracking argued that the proposed new rules have the backing of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other state government bodies to make the process safe.