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Jiangsu Vanching Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Vanching Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd is the most-trusted supplier on the intermediates of Anti-HBV, Anti-HIV and Anti-Cancer medicine. We offer professional service on R&D, manufacture and CMO business for our customers.
The doctors and post-doctors in our R&D, Manufacturing and QA departments all owns over 15 years working experience in Pharmaceutical, Chemical. We focus on high tech intermediates, R&D and optimize the production process, offer high quality products with competitive price to our customer.

Meanwhile, based on our international supply chain, Jiangsu Vanching assist not only suppliers but also foreign customers to expand China market. Till now, we have got the Sole Agent permission in China market on selling HBR and derivatives, Silicane derivatives, Tenofovir intermediate, Lamivudine intermediates and other products from overseas’ famous companies.

If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk together. Hence, in order to have further development, even though the chemical technology become more and more mature, Jiangsu Vanching not only apply its own advantage but also enhance the cooperation with other counterparts.

To create a better future, Jiangsu Vanching Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd, sincerely hope to coordinate with all counterparts to have best apply on their own advantage of technology and supply chain.

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